Z-Wave Micro Switch G2

The Aeon Labs Energy Switch Micro is a low-cost Z-Wave appliance switch specifically used to enable Z-Wave command and control (on/off) for existing in-wall switches.


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Please note this is not the “SMART” module, no electricity meter, only on/off switching.

The wireless module is powered from the mains supply and is a three-wire design which requires a neutral connection. In the event of power failure, non-volatile memory retains all programmed information relating to the units operating status.

Technical Features:
• Low-cost Z-Wave on/off appliance switch
• On/Off control via Z-Wave, manual Wall Switch and/or built-in button
• Small form factor that fit in most gang boxes worldwide
• Input: 110V 60Hz and 230V 50Hz input
• Output: 10A maximum output
• Radio frequency: 868.42MHz (EU)