Z-Wave RaZberry2 PI GPIO Daughter Card

The RaZberry2 turns every Raspberry PI into a Z-Wave Home Automation Gateway.

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The RaZberry module plugs in to your Raspberry PI board enabling it to connect to the Z-Wave network and function like a Z-Wave Home Automation Gateway.

The plug-in module includes firmware drivers and the Z-Wave stack (Z-Way). The browser-based development interface enables you to create your own software using an easy to understand and easy to use Java Script interface. Writing your own home automation app was never easier and never more affordable.

The RaZberry plug-in module includes:

  • Z-Wave transceiver plugs into GPIO interface of the Raspberry PI
  • Optimised firmware running on the Z-Wave transceiver chip
  • Certified Z-Wave communication stack Z-Way – running on the Raspberry PI
  • Z-Way AJAX-based User Interface for easy access to all Z-Wave functions of Z-Way and as a reference for your own User Interface enhancements.
  • Note – Raspberry PI computer is not included with this module. Can be bought at the PiFactory –

How to install open source home automation software on RaspberryPi:

Technical Data

  • Wireless: Z-Wave 868.4 MHz
  • Dimensions: 40 x 20 mm
  • Range: 25m in doors