From Cruise Ships To Smart Homes With GOAP

You might have noticed a new Z-Wave brand on the market, Qubino. The Qubino Z-Wave modules are produced by GOAP Ltd., an automation company from Slovenia. The Qubino Z-Wave modules are designed and developed based upon customer and market requirements using GOAP’s 25 years of experience in the automation business. Over the past 25 years, GOAP has developed a collection of smart automation products for the leisure industry (hotels and cruise ships), professional real estate, as well as residential real estate. One of the biggest projects GOAP recently delivered in 2015 was an automation solution for 2000 cabins of the cruise ship P&O Britannica.

The Philosophy: Qubino Z-Wave Modules

Qubino’s research and development team is constantly working on identifying the next possible Z-Wave module. The philosophy behind the development of a new Qubino Z-Wave module can be easily described in the following steps:

  1. Identify a niche section within the home automation field. g. a Z-Wave dimmer module that actually works with as many light bulbs as possible.
  2. Create the smallest Z-Wave module for this market
  3. Make sure the installation and configuration process of the Z-Wave module is as simple as possible

Once the module is developed GOAP sends the module out to be tested against various safety standards and protocols. This ensures not only that Qubino modules are one of the highest quality modules on the market but also the safest ones.

A Symphony Of Tree

Currently GOAP has 3 modules that are being sold like “hot bagels”, these are the Qubino Dimmer module, the Qubino Shutter module (AC and DC variation) and the Qubino PMW Thermostat module.

Qubino Dimmer Module

GOAP’s most popular module is the Qubino Z-Wave Dimmer Module. The Qubino Dimmer Module is the first dimmer module, which supports a smooth dimming of the following lights:

  • Low voltage halogen lamps with electronic transformer
  • Dimmable compact fluorescent light
  • Dimmable LED bulbs
  • Classical incandescent lights
  • Halogen lamps operated by 230 VAC (High Voltage Halogen)
  • Dimmable fluorescent lights
  • Dimmable LED lights

One of the key features that makes this module stand out is that the same module can be used to adjust the light intensity of 110/230 VAC lights as well as 24 DC lights.

Due to its small size the dimmer module is easily installed behind your traditional wall switch, hiding the module from plain sight. The dimmer module can be controlled using Z-Wave or the buttons on the switch.

Additional to changing the light level of the connected light the dimmer module has the option to connect a thermostat sensor to the module allowing you to read the temperature in the room as well. This removes the need for an additional Z-Wave temperature sensor in the room. The temperature sensor does not need any battery (because it the module is connected to the power line) reducing the overall installation and maintenance cost.

Qubino Shutter Module

The shutter module is another all in one type of module, the module can be used to control the motor of blinds, rollers, shades, venetian blinds, windows, etc. A recently added, much requested, feature to the module is the support of venetian blind slats tilting.

There are two variations of the Qubino shutter module a 110/230 VAC version and a 12-24 VDC version. Both the AC and the DC version of the module measures the power consumption of the connected motor.

Just like the dimmer module the Qubino Shutter module is installed behind your standard switch (the module works with either a mono-stable switches (push button) or a bi-stable switches).

Same as with the Qubino Dimmer module an optional temperature sensor can be connected to the Qubino Shutter module as well.

Qubino PMW Thermostat Module

The Qubino PMW Thermostat module is used to regulate the temperature using full wave PWM technology. Because the module is using full wave PWM technology a better temperature regulation is achieved resulting that the room has a more constant temperature making you safe energy in the long run.

The PMW Thermostat module works on 110/230 VAC as well as 24V DC.

The thermostat module is in installed behind your traditional wall switch or inside a so called box. The module is then hidden either behind the switch or behind one of the available cover plates.

The external temperature sensor is directly connected to the Thermostat module and can be put inside the same casing as the module itself, though for a more accurate temperature measurement it is recommended that the temperature sensor is installed in it’s own box.

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